On this site you will find a new way to prepare orchestral excerpts; playing along with an orchestra as part of your audition preparation. Your orchestra is called  the Orchestra “Machine”. The developer of this audio device is my good friend Stan Adams, former trombonist with the RAI in Rome.  In my opinion, too many players present themselves at auditions not being aware of the musical score for the excerpt; the important musical themes, harmonies and orchestrations that precede the excerpt and that lead up to the “big moment”. On many occasions,  the candidate will play in the wrong tempo or with incorrect style or faulty rhythm.  I find that students and professionals will practice an excerpt over and over again, not ever getting the gist, essence of the meaning of the piece- not to mention the intonation and harmonic progressions.

Somebody once said that going to auditions was always the same result, FAILURE, until this person started listening to and practicing with the recordings. After doing this for awhile, that person’s efforts led to success. Similarly, after practicing with the Orchestra “Machine”, you can take with you to the audition all the necessary information and play in a more calm and confident way because you are hearing the orchestra in your head.   Please try it out by clicking here.


Joseph Alessi
The New York Philharmonic, Principal Trombone